Alaska hosts a rich artistic community with many passionate painters and other artists. The city of Seward was named by Governor Sarah Palin as the “mural capital of Alaska” for the many beautiful murals throughout the area. Visitors from all over the world come to Alaska and to Seward to get inspired and see the stunning landscapes and the gorgeous paintings.

Dot Bardarson is an active member of the Seward Mural Society, Seward arts council and the Alaska Watercolor Society. The Seward mural society shows you a bit of what you can see in this quaint town and the Seward arts council tells you more about the many amazing artists that live there. Finally the Alaska watercolor society showcases the many authentic Alaska watercolorists that bring the landscape and wildlife to the page.

If you are planning a vacation to Alaska or you are a resident that needs to get out and see new sights, visit Seward and take a journey with Alaska’s proudest painters through the murals. Browse the gallery to find a stunning Alaskan watercolor piece for your home or office.