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Update on Business

I am trying to retire. But artists don’t retire. And yes, I am still painting, creating new work. One way I can think to reduce my work load is to reduce the amount of framing that I do. So, when you order something framed, I may have it in stock, and the order will continue… Read more »

Our Favorite American Artists

Imagine how thrilled I was when I learned that I had been named one of TOSCA’s favorite American artists. TOSCA is the most comprehensive arts guide in the Twin Cities. They put out a slick magazine called Exploring TOSCA 4X a year and have a website The magazine was highlighting Minnesotan Artists, and but… Read more »

I got lucky when my art was chosen

This is my first blog. I thought I’d start with a nice break I got from a call from Sec. of State. Rex Tillerson. He needed gifts to give to the other 7 Arctic countries. I think he selected my watercolor, “Back from a Paddle”, because it showed one of Alaska’s melting glaciers. Afterall, the… Read more »

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