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Mural Finished in 2022

I actually helped to paint this mural in 2021 but we were using such tiny brushes to paint the mural we didn’t finish when our rental lease at the public library was up. It was put in storage until 2022. It was then brought to my garage where only 3 of us artists painstakingly worked… Read more »

Update on Business

I am trying to retire. But artists don’t retire. And yes, I am still painting, creating new work. One way I can think to reduce my work load is to reduce the amount of framing that I do. So, when you order something framed, I may have it in stock, and the order will continue… Read more »

Our Favorite American Artists

Imagine how thrilled I was when I learned that I had been named one of TOSCA’s favorite American artists. TOSCA is the most comprehensive arts guide in the Twin Cities. They put out a slick magazine called Exploring TOSCA 4X a year and have a website The magazine was highlighting Minnesotan Artists, and but… Read more »

I got lucky when my art was chosen

This is my first blog. I thought I’d start with a nice break I got from a call from Sec. of State. Rex Tillerson. He needed gifts to give to the other 7 Arctic countries. I think he selected my watercolor, “Back from a Paddle”, because it showed one of Alaska’s melting glaciers. Afterall, the… Read more »

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